what the critics are saying

"Everything about Tom is perfect—his face, his body, his cock." ~Daddy's Reviews review #52

"three blissful hours" ~review #50

"If you're looking for an expert dominant Top...look no further" ~review #49

"For anyone who craves a truly dom escort, especially if you want your throat fucked good, I don't think you could find a better choice than Tom anywhere in the country." ~review #39

"When he opened the door, I went weak in the knees. He is much more handsome than I had expected. ~review #53

favorite things: binding bottoms

on the right: one of my bottoms, tied and ready to go, waiting to be topped. nothing too fancy in my ropework, but he was good and secured for my purposes. i just don't like to take a lot of time working with rope. i've always thought that there are better things to do with precious time!

www.boundgods.com -- if you don't know the site, check it out!

i love tying guys up and playing with them, skills i learned at the ny bondage club -- www.nybondageclub.com.

riding ass like this hottie is doing here brings out all that hot aggressive, dominant, horndog energy in me.

bondage is a sport/art/entertainment that can be done in an infinite variety of ways. but as i see it, there are two basic approaches.

the first approach is bottom-centered. the bottom is tied up and pleasured, with the goal being to make him cum while struggling to resist the ropes and domination. i have been tied up in this way, and i can assure you, it's a whole lot of fun. to have another guy or two in complete control of your cock milking you and sometimes not letting you come until they are ready, but then making you explode all over. it's hot.

the second approach is top-centered. this involves the bottom who likes to give up control and likes to be used. this type of bottom loves to surrender control to the top, who takes him for a ride, using his holes for his own pleasure.

bondage in my world is always safe and consensual. even when the bottom wishes to be "raped," which I love to do, there is always a safe word or gesture that means "stop here."