what the critics are saying

"Everything about Tom is perfect—his face, his body, his cock." ~Daddy's Reviews review #52

"three blissful hours" ~review #50

"If you're looking for an expert dominant Top...look no further" ~review #49

"For anyone who craves a truly dom escort, especially if you want your throat fucked good, I don't think you could find a better choice than Tom anywhere in the country." ~review #39

"When he opened the door, I went weak in the knees. He is much more handsome than I had expected. ~review #53

favorite things: shoulder/wrist restraints

recently added a shoulder/wrist restraint to my collection. shown here is daniel82 from a three-way a few days ago. great fun. smooth, tight, muscular ass and he loves to get fucked, which i did while he was blowing our buddy. the restraint--used it on another buddy just last night. the great thing about this device is the cuffs have both velcro and locking buckles—the combination make it very tight—and the strap from the shoulder is adjustable, which makes it comfortable. snug and comfortable, no possibility for escape. it also goes on and off really quickly so you can get right down to business. nice.