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"three blissful hours" ~review #50

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favorite things: book dedications

author kyle cicero dedicates two books to tom isern...

from b'tched:

To Michael F. and Cyrus K.: Still two men of mystery and intrigue! To Tom Isern: The masterful teacher from your grateful student SBL. To all my friends for their countess indulgences toward me. To the Bee Keeper who gently points out the flaws but also critical suggestions that make this all so much better. To Dennis and Achilles: The writers of greater works to come. To Will and Jacob: Two fantastic guys who are as fun to talk to as they are still hot to look at (esp. when the later one is wearing his brief satin running shorts…ah, those well-formed and defined yummy legs). To the G Lounge and their fantastic bartenders like Freddie, Igor and Pedro (love his smile) where I relax ‘in the life’ with a special heads up to Patrick from the Midwest. I must get out there if you are an example of the men that region produces! To Tony S. who gave me, on so many levels, a new reason to write this book. Lastly to my fans: For the last ten years you’ve written to encourage me. This is my twelfth adult book to mark this, my tenth year of writing, guys, so enjoy.

from commander cody:

To all my friends and family of course, especially to Ron for his help in so many different ways. Ron you are truly fantastic! Honorable mentions: Brian, Eric, Keith ,Stephen, Brock, Daniel, Michael,Todd, Joe, Billy, Richard, Matt, Stan, Ben, Darren, Jordan, Justen, Doug, Mark, Dennis, Andrew, Mick, Jesse and Cy once more. And lastly, to Chelsea’s G Lounge that always provides me with a great spot to chill, laugh and have fun after a writing jag. So, a special hello to Achilles, Freddie, Marcello, Igor, Jacob, Remi, Alon, and especially Jacob and Will. Last, but never least, to Tom Isern. Thanks to his masterful instructions I was able to correctly understand the mind set of a few of the characters herein. (YSBL).

THANK YOU, Kyle...now get your ass back over here and get down between my legs again.

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