what the critics are saying

"Everything about Tom is perfect—his face, his body, his cock." ~Daddy's Reviews review #52

"three blissful hours" ~review #50

"If you're looking for an expert dominant Top...look no further" ~review #49

"For anyone who craves a truly dom escort, especially if you want your throat fucked good, I don't think you could find a better choice than Tom anywhere in the country." ~review #39

"When he opened the door, I went weak in the knees. He is much more handsome than I had expected. ~review #53

escort pedagogy

i write with permission of the couple who visited me today, a sub bottom who brought his boyfriend top along to watch and learn how to be a dom. it's been a while since i've been observed, and i was acutely aware that i was performing under critical eyes (which i found enjoyable) and in the occasional frame of a video camera.

they'd sent me a pretty detailed wish list—bound cbt, introduction to face fucking, fucking, edging to climax. i used some of my standard tricks in the oral session to take this bottom to places he'd never been—olive oil and maximum impact poppers. by the middle of our session i had him pinned down, my cock sunk deep in his throat, my thighs wrapped around his face, he in the supine position. kind of blew his mind, i think. then he started rimming me and things really got hot. i'm eager to see the promised review!

today was particularly rewarding because after the session the bottom was eagerly asking his boyfriend if he had been taking notes, so to speak, had learned from what he'd observed, and was ready to take it all home.