what the critics are saying

"Everything about Tom is perfect—his face, his body, his cock." ~Daddy's Reviews review #52

"three blissful hours" ~review #50

"If you're looking for an expert dominant Top...look no further" ~review #49

"For anyone who craves a truly dom escort, especially if you want your throat fucked good, I don't think you could find a better choice than Tom anywhere in the country." ~review #39

"When he opened the door, I went weak in the knees. He is much more handsome than I had expected. ~review #53

opening up the bottom boy in Seattle

just finished playing with a smooth muscle grad student here in seattle who said I could write about it. said he liked cock and cum, but didn't get fucked. so we started with him on his knees and it was obvious he enjoyed his job. his nipples were sensitive so I gave them some attention. he wanted me to be aggressive so my rock hard cock enjoyed some prying into his throat. but he couldn't take it deep. so we had a conversation about lifting the soft palate and yawning and what do you know? he started taking me deeper and deeper, gagging here and there, but clearly loving the new experience. I asked if he'd ever taken it on his back, his head hanging over the mattress. he hadn't. soon he was there and overwhelmed. that's a position for the advanced cock sucker. I coached him to relax, and open, and yawn. he was so tense. counting to one, to two, to three, and then the deep plunge down his throat. I pinned him down, and holding the back of his head to drive it deeper and deeper with each set, but giving him time to relax between "sets." pretty soon he was taking my cock down to the base. he had a round, meaty, muscly ass and thighs, so I tossed him around and rubbed my cock in his ass cheeks. I knew why he didn't like getting fucked—too tense. he said that was true. so I started massaging his ass with my hands, then a finger or two, then my cock, gently probing so it felt good. ten minutes later my cock was buried all the way down inside him and he was thrusting back onto me, pulling his ass cheeks apart, moaning in pure pleasure. you have to get past the pain, I explained, and a good top will help you do that by keeping it pleasurable. mixing in only the right amount of pain. after we played he told me that he's tight and tense because he was raped as a kid. I'd like to think that I played a small part in helping him to overcome some of that pain and to open up to newer (deeper) levels of pleasure and fun!

tonight he texted to say "The back of my throat is a little sore now but it also feels very good when I breathe. I don't know how to describe this feeling. :-) " I told him to try. in a review. he said he would.