what the critics are saying

"Everything about Tom is perfect—his face, his body, his cock." ~Daddy's Reviews review #52

"three blissful hours" ~review #50

"If you're looking for an expert dominant Top...look no further" ~review #49

"For anyone who craves a truly dom escort, especially if you want your throat fucked good, I don't think you could find a better choice than Tom anywhere in the country." ~review #39

"When he opened the door, I went weak in the knees. He is much more handsome than I had expected. ~review #53

favorite things: my ass / your face

i have a sling and a rimseat. and i like to use them both for the same thing: to put my ass in your face.

the top photo was taken by chelsea photography here in new york. this pic has brought more than one expert rimmer to my rear end. the second i took myself with a timer and a tripod. the bottom two are by damascene from daddy's reviews.

it's funny how often people ask why a top would post pics of his ass. and i have to admit, it feels weird putting these pics up for everyone to see--makes me feel much more exposed. if you watch any porn, though, you know why tops post pics of their asses. most of us love to be rimmed.

so, if you'd like to snuggle up nice and close, click on a pic to enlarge. then call me if you'd like to get into the real thing. i promise it will make us both happy. and one thing you might want to know about me: i really like the feeling of the unshaved face rubbing into me, bristly and bearded, all of that. and the harder you grind (within limits) the hotter i get.